Happy New Year! – 21st Century Collaboration

2013 has been a great year! So many new girls joined our project and we did photoshoots at many amazing places. Our fans at various social medias also reached 16,000 people. Therefore, what better way to celebrate it than to make a little flashback video?

However having just a slideshow would certainly be boring, so we collaborated with our models to give you a special new year message! Please check it out:

One big problem in the production of the video is that the production team is now not in Japan. However, we believe that in this case the message is more important than the technical quality of the video, so we decided to film it using each of the model’s smartphone or digital camera! Besides, we think that it will give a sense of closeness not possible to convey using a DSLR for example.

It’s really great that in this age we can collaborate without being constrained by geographical borders. So really, eventually it all comes down to your determination to make a piece of work.

Here are the messages we want to convey in this video:

  • Gratitude and international friendship: We want to thank our supporters from all around for being with us last year.
  • Getting to know the models: The models are just like us, they go to school, they graduate, and then be a working model of the society. What unites us together is our passion to create and enjoy beautiful works of art.
  • Hope: Every year must have its ups and downs, but new year gives us a chance to rethink positively about our future and potential.

So, we hope that you enjoyed the video and have a great year ahead!

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