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Meibi Studio Released iOS Game “Angel Puzzle”

Angel Puzzle on iOS

Meibi Studio in Japan collaborated with 40 cute Japanese models to create an iOS game Angel Puzzle. In this game you can play 11 types of puzzle totaling 60 levels that train your wit and hand reflexes.

Game Angel Puzzle

In Angel Puzzle, you as the protagonist found an ancient tomb in a library. It turns out that the book holds secret for angels that used to roam the Earth. By solving the puzzles, you can collect photos of those angels and reveal the mystery surrounding their disappearance from this Earth.

The early levels serve as a warmup and you will meet well known puzzles like jigsaw puzzles. However as the difficulty increases you will encounter many new and challenging puzzles. In one type of the puzzle, you have to connect all the same shapes from the starting point to the endpoint. It sounds simple enough, but if you miscalculate you will find that there are some shapes left behind and you have to think of another solution that works.

Game Angel Puzzle

A unique feature of this game is the ability to vote for your favorite models. Voting points can be obtained by finishing certain levels and the model ranks can be viewed real time. Meibi Studio plans to release extra content or new games with their most voted models.

The Android version will also be released soon. In the meantime, if you have an iPhone you can download the game here.

Eri Kashima – Sanage Onsen Photoshoot

Eri Kashima at Sanage Onsen

Some time ago we had a photoshoot at Sanage Onsen (猿投温泉), Aichi with Eri Kashima. The place is famous for its hot springs, but because there are Japanese traditional gardens and quite a big lake it’s also a great place for doing portrait photoshoot.

Sanage Onsen is located at Toyota city, not so far from Nagoya. There is a free bus which provides easy access to the place.

Eri Kashima at Sanage Onsen

Eri Kashima at Sanage Onsen

When you arrive at the location, there is a big map showing the area. Don’t forget to go to the waterfall and climb a bit to reach the lake.

Eri Kashima at Sanage OnsenIMG_8998-web

Location Info

Name: Sanage Onsen

Address: 21 Umamichi-dori, Kano-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi, Japan 470-0364

How to get there: If you’re from the Nagoya area, first go to Josui station (Meitetsu Toyota Line) or Fujigaoka Station (Higashiyama Line), whichever the nearest is. From there there is a free bus to Sanage Onsen. Just ask the station’s staff for the place of the bus stop (be sure to ask specifically for the bus stop for Sanage Onsen).

Bus departing from Josui station: 9:45, 11:45, 14:45, 16:45

Last bus going back to Josui station: 19:20

Bus departing from Fujigaoka station: 9:00, 11:00, 14:50

Last bus going back to Fujigaoka station: 18:00

Schedules might change, so check

Eri Kashima at Sanage Onsen