Send Your Drawing and Have it Exhibited at Japan!

Pameran Meibi Project

If you like drawing, now is the chance to participate in our Japan exhibition!

[Note: The result of the first part is here. You can still submit for the second part.]

Meibi Project will have a collaborative exhibition of photo and drawing in Nagoya from March 14 to April 11 2015. The photos are of Meibi Project’s models, and for the drawing we are now accepting submissions from artists and hobbyists all around the world! If you want to collaborate, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Visit Meibi Project’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and choose a photo that you want to draw.
  2. The art media, method, and style is free. For example it can be a digital painting, crayon on paper, or even oil on canvas.
  3. Send the finished work to with 1600 pixels on the longest side (e.g., 1600×900) in JPG format. We will select the best drawings.
  4. If your drawing is selected to be exhibited, we will ask for a high-resolution file. Therefore make sure that your original file has a resolution of at least 4500 pixels on the longest side (e.g., 4500×2530). If you want the original physical artwork (e.g., the canvas) to be exhibited, you can send the artwork to Japan but make sure that the size is at most 364×257 mm (14.3×10.1 inch).
  5. The deadline for the first period is March 11 (will be exhibited March 14-March 30). The deadline for the second period is March 22 (will be exhibited March 31-April 11).

Pameran Meibi Project

Here are the exhibition’s details:

Meibi Photography Exhibition “E ni Narimasu”
Place: Yamate Cafe, 1-17-1 Yamate-dori, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Japan
Date: March 14-April 11 2015 (except Sunday)
Time: 11:00-16:00

Meibi Project is an art project of the Indonesian photographer Agro. In Japan where gravure and idol photos are everywhere and women are judged mostly by their looks on those media, this project aims to introduce more about the personalities, dreams, and achievements of Japanese women through the medium of art. Meibi Project has collaborated with more than 50 models to create various artworks especially photography.

Pameran Meibi Project

The drawings that are accepted for this exhibition might also be displayed at a bigger exhibition planned in Tokyo at the end of this year. So don’t waste this once in a lifetime chance to send your artwork to Japan, and please share this news to your other friends!

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